#57: Sidequest!

I. Dear Reader,

This week, I found out about a really cool co-operative crowdfunding event in November called Sidequest. Inspired by Zinequest, a group of small indie designers have gotten together to create an alternative. It’s not limited to Kickstarter - which is great to see!

Anyone can participate and work together to crowdfund their small zine or game. You can read all about how to join here and their homepage has links to all the games. Go check them out and keep an eye out in November!

Just a short shout-out this week. See you all next time because I need to go prepare for my Band of Blades game. Did I mention that was happening? Dreams do come true, folks, hohoho!

Yours briefly,


II. Media of the Week

Dave Thaumavore just wrapped up a sponsored three episode deep dive into Degenesis, a European post-apocalyptic RPG, on his channel. It’s everything you need to know to find out if the game is for you. The production value of the game looks stellar and you can get all the PDFs for the free.

III. Links of the Week

  • On Wired, intrepid reporting about the ongoing threat of “Teeny-Tiny Talking Mice” taking over games, featuring Wanderhome amongst others.

  • Linda Codega, who wrote this excellent Tor articles matches SFF books and indie RPGs, now has a newsletter where you get more of those cool pairings.

  • If you like solo gaming (and know some programming), RPG Tips has a video about using Obsidian as an all-in-one solo gaming app.

  • On a related note, I’ve also only recently discovered that the Geek Gamers channel is a quite popular RPG channel that features lots of popular games with an emphasis on how to play them solo.

  • There’s an official Spanish-language RPG for Adventure Time, Hora de Aventuras Juego de Rol, and it seems really cool!

  • Aaron Marks has a neat article on how to start reading RPG books. They can be big and intimidating and I know I struggle with them sometimes!



  • The Technical Grimoire blog has an ongoing series called Jalopy Design about how to make and design zines using free resources. Latest update is all about public domain art.

  • Momatoes, designer of ARC, has an archived twitch stream about how to use Google Sheets to design beautiful character sheets. And she even shared her presentation here!

If you see anything cool and want to send it my way, feel free to reply to these newsletters with links or DM me on twitter. No promises at all that I’ll put it in the newsletter because that’s completely a personal idiosyncrasy.

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