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About the Author

I'm Thomas M, the creature behind the New Madras Design Lab. I'm an award-losing journalist, award-winning playwright, and award-ambivalent game designer based in Chennai (formerly Madras) . 

I write the Indie RPG Newsletter. I produce the Yes Indie’d Podcast where I interview game designers. I have a Youtube channel where I make video essays and how to play videos. I also publish my games over on the New Madras itch store.

Contact me:
📧 notrueindian@outlook.com

How To Get Featured?

This is something I routinely get emailed out. So I thought I would put down my usual reply to messages that ask me about getting their game featured.

The first thing is that the newsletter doesn’t cover or share new game releases. If I ever write about a game, it’s almost always about a game that I’ve played. Because this isn’t a paid service, it isn’t a journalistic platform - it’s a newsletter where I share my passion for this hobby.

I am trying to curate bits of interesting content for a broad audience who isn’t as online as I am. Primarily, I link to news, podcasts, videos, essays, etc about games. I read or listen or watch everything I share on the newsletter which is why I don’t end up linking to much Actual Play as my time is limited.

Please feel free to email me or DM me interesting links, especially reviews of your games because I’m always happy to read those. You could also share design diaries or anything else about your game that isn’t purely promotional but has some insight that my audience would appreciate.

So all that said, the two ways to get your featured in the newsletter:

  • The No 1 Best Way to guarantee that your game gets mentioned in the newsletter is to take out an advertisement. It’s cheap and it helps me keep the newsletter going! If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, this is the link you should click.

  • Also, every two months, I do a post called New Itch Games Roundup. This is a series I do to promote new small games from diverse creators and celebrate itch.io as a platform for a slew of creative indie RPGs. Here is a form for submitting games to me. It doesn’t guarantee anything but it puts your game in front of me.

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